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2001-11-07 - 11:03 a.m.

$$$ I am a mean bitch $$$

One good thing I can say about today is that it marks the officiall (spelling?) beginning of KU basketball. Hurrah! Now we can cease to SUCK.

Terry Allen was fired yesterday - another milestone in the abscence of suck for KU athletics. I think maybe they should just fire the entire team. That would help.

My Mom is coming to visit on Monday. I'm a little apprehensive about this as I like to do things she does not approve of i.e. curse and smoke. Thus, I have to give up my dirty old man-like lifestyle for a good 12 hours while she is here. But it's her birthday so I suppose I will be nice.

Tolerance, adri, tolerance.

That is our lesson for the day.

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