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2001-11-07 - 12:16 a.m.

So if you would have told me a week ago that I'd have this much to say in one day i would have pointed at you and laughed, as is my way. However, I just wated you to know that upon going to the porch and smoking a cigarette i overheard a bunch of boys talking about the possible pregnancy of "ben" 's girlfriend. It's funny to watch guys talk and make jokes about something so serious when you know ben will be crying himself to sleep later tonight. that is funny.

I'm an insensitive prick. Just wanted to clear that up.

Also.... don't for any reason elect to view 13 Ghosts over Monsters Inc. You are wasting your money you masochistic fool. It sucks. I should have known, Matthew Lillard is in it. i don't CARE if he was in SLC punk. he still sucks.

3 entries in one day... ONE DAY?!?

I suck too.

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