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2001-11-14 - 12:04 a.m.


There is an enormous prob7lem with this computer and it is ca7l7led suck.

If y.ou are so mewhat competent and 7literate y.ou wi7l7l note that there are a 7lot of extra 7letters that have no business being where they. arey. Y>ou rea7l7ly. have no idea how TRU&LY> fucked up this computer is because y.ou can't see it skipping every. other space when I hit the "h" key., which is more often than I had previous7ly. rea7lizedy. Extra y.'s and 7l's and suchy.

This is tru7ly. and bizzare so I wi7l7l stopy.

Hopefu7l7ly. this wi7l7l be fixed tomorrowy. Otherwise I wi7l have to resort to using the boy.'s computer, which sucks because he is usua7l7ly. an ass about ity.


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