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2001-11-15 - 9:51 p.m.

so today was freaking bizzare.

i'm updating this mostly for lisa since she is really the only person who reads it as far as i can tell.

my grandma died yesterday morning and threw my academic and financial world into a tizzy, as it were... meaning mostly that I had to arrange to take a test at FREAKING 8:30 TOMORROW MORNING and lose 3 shifts at work. It's ok though, it's not like it's not worth it.

So I am going home on Sunday for A WHOLE WEEK. A whole entire fun week with ky family. hurrah. Not that I don't love them emmensely, but a whole week? what am i to do?

the boy is watching a show on guns. shock shock that captain republican would view such a show!

Hee hee... oh well, so about today being bizzare.

I got up at 8 for class, came back to my roomate freaking out about her crush fucking some ugly girl. It's kind of a funny story actually... She walked up to ugly's room last night to leave her a note on her door and heard them in her room. Nice. Anyway, he has man boobs, so I told her it was no big loss. ;)

ha ha

I got a cleaning bug and scrubbed the whole room. Damn. Them I took a shower.

Class again, learned some crap for my test which I should SO be studying for, and then off to the boy's to pretend to study. Nice, again.

So then I went to boring ass study group and drove around for 30 freaking minutes looking for a damn parking spot - thanks, KU parking department, thanks a lot.

Then I went back to the boy's and got some.

it was a good day.

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