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2001-11-17 - 12:04 p.m.

So I'm feeling a little of the diss as it were. Apparently the only one who enjoys my diary is Lisa and maybe me... only I don't so much enjoy it as I do write it.

I know it's not that interesting, but sheeze, you could at least look an make me feel better.

Lisa is my only friend.

Oh well... Ku football is on today and I am expecting a large spanking, Iowa State style. Oh, and shock, they are winning. 7-0

Not nice, Adri, not nice.

There... now you don't have to say it.

I'm a bitch.

Work is later adn I'm upset because Saturday = tomorrow is Sunday = tomorrow I am going home. For a WHOLE WEEK, may I remind you. A WHOLE WEEK. Save me Diana-won Kinobe, you are my only hope.

Hangin with Di and Miss Amanda will be fun. A tolerable week if seasoned properly with friends.


Seeing as how I have 2 funeral events and 2 Thanksgiving "celebrations" to attend, it should be interesting.

Nice. Fun with the nuclear family. Yes. Nuclear. As in we are mutants. If you only knew... I have no time to explain.

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