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2001-12-01 - 9:07 p.m.


Since I've been singled out as a stalker...

I'm a friend of Peter's. I had no idea he had a diary until he told me and I read "the ziggarauts" from his.

The funny thing is, Zach, I HAVE met you on several occasions. I'm Adri. I know you don't remember me and that's ok. I'm a forgettable face. Actually I live on 3rd floor. Please don't take my enjoyment of your diary as a personal attack or a stalker-esque motive.

I merely thought Notorious Jew was fucking hilarious.

good times.

So anyway, in answer top your accusations:

1. I do not shamelessly stalk.

2. I don't have any pics of you, naked or otherwise.

3. I didn't realize I was contacting you through the computer. I'm not shy. I'll come talk to ya.

4. I do NOT have VD.

5. I have my own pants.

6. Poop is not food.

7. I don't think it would matter if I liked Jesus or not, because he certainly doesn't seem to like me.

8. I don't really ever know what day it is.

Don't worry, Zach, I'm sure I'll see you around on the porch sometime. I'll let you know who I am so your mystery is over.. :)

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