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2001-12-09 - 10:26 p.m.

So it's been a while.

I've FINALLY started working at OP OB - huzzah! Too exciting. Apparently exciting enough for a robust Renn-fair salute, anyway...

Anyway, I've decided that the people there are very nice, but also very weird. Some of them are those kind of people who look like they were born in tanning beds and have trouble surviving outside of them. Others are weird and tell me stories about model trains and drinking games and how the two obviously connect. Then there are those that sing to themselves and, what's worse, headbang to songs only they can hear. At least they bathe... I think...

And they are nice. I've only met one questionable person there sofar - which is a pretty good record. Some are exceptionally nice. And some are gone. Yes Rob and Michelle, I'm talking to you, you dirty nother fuckers. Leaving me alone with complete strangers. At least my favorite Valerie is there! Yea!

Ooooh, and more excitement... I am getting a computer for Christmas, which is super nice of my parents. Dude, I'm gettin' a Dell. Ok, that was a little much.

I am sorry.

The boy is watching a shw on Military arms of WWII. Which is double frightening because, although he claims he has not previously viewd this program (and I think he is a dirty liar) he knows everything about these weapons.

Be afraid.

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