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2002-01-14 - 11:17 p.m.

How can both Peter AND I be Margo? Quite easily. God, that is a great movie. Diana, Jillian, Amanda and I went and saw it - luckily there were no "flip flops" around to destroy the moment. I've never seen a movie more reflective of my life. The Tenenbaums are my family. So much. And I am so very very Margo. Except the whole pseudo incest thing. I think my brother is a goon. Anyway, I feel like a moron droning on about some movie.

In some ways I'm going to miss Wichita. My mom tried to put a guilt trip on me for going back. I was supposed to go back today, but that fell through. She wants me to stay until Wednesday because she feels we didn't spend quality time together while I was here. Nice of her to let me know the day before I go back. But I am going to miss Diana and Amanda and the people at Wichita OB. There are familiarities there that are irriplaceable in Wichita. However, I will also be extrememly glad to get back to Lawrence. I miss everyone there and being able to do what I want as late as I want without feeling guilty about it.

Anyway... the boy and I are fighting right now. He is being really insensitive. And kind of an ass. So bear with me.

See you tomorrow Lawrence.

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