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2002-03-19 - 5:46 p.m.

I feel the need to write today... apparently my entries are neither informative nor inclusive as i have been told by a majority of people. i find it funny that i have enough people read this that there are enough to make a majority at all...

anyway... i've been on vacation with my family in texas for 3 days now. and i'm already going insane... i'm trying to convince them that the best course of action at this point is to return to kansas on friday instead of saturday. i can't really go back to lawrence until sunday anyway, seeing as how i would have nowhere to stay, but still, that extra day of living in my own 10X10 space instead of sharing onw with my unfathomably strange family sounds delicious right now.

so we went to the museum of the collective of ugly art of the southwest today. thats not really its name, but it should be. my mom thought she was doing me a favor by making the family enjoy art today, little does she know that although my future aspirations may involve working in a museum, i do not find tiny galleries particulaurly interesing. they are usually full of bad and plain art that looks like it could take me 10 minutes to produce.

but i smiled and took it like a champ - as is my way.

augh. i've gained so much weight recently because of this damn medicine i've been on. i feel like a true fatty mc fatterson. i forgot my swimsuit on this trip and decided it was a good idea to go to walmart to search for a cheap and temporary replacement. i was so terribly wrong. besides the ardently wrong display of myself in underwear in the dressing room, i chose a swimsuit combination that literally made me laugh out loud. you really should have seen it.

i seriously laughed out loud.

it was great. i have a serious problem with looking at my thighs, so in an effort to spare this same misfortune to others, i picked out an ugly black ribbed one piece number and a sarong to go with it. oh jesus. it was comedy by the slice.

so i decided that if I had laughed out loud at this image in the dressing room, there was no way it was ever going to leave the dressing room.

so i picked out another suit. it was ok... but i felt weird in it... sooooo... i ended up in my wisdom, weight gain and menstraul bloating, deciding to opt out of swimming all together. a good choice i feel.

so tomorrow, here is what we have planned... my brother and i are supposed to go "deep sea fishing" whatever that means... i have a feeling that loosely translated it means "shark fodder." we are also signed up to go horseback riding on the beach. how nice. just what i want when im bleeding from my crotch. to ride a horse. no thank you mom. but i aprecciate (i cant spell - fuck off) you signing me up without asking me first... i really do.

ok... that's all you get for now. i'm not in a bad mood... i promise...

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