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2002-03-19 - 7:33 p.m.

dude... i'm seriously tired today. i can't believe i was woken up so many times last night... it seriously fucks my day up. ok... i told you about wake up number 3, so here are the rest of my unpleasant dream interruptions.

1. I had the dream again. You know, the one where I am awoken by the feeling that someone has laid down on me and I try and scream but I can't so I yell whatever comes to mind... yeah... that one again. That dream is truly terrifying and it doesn't help that it's happened more than once.

2. My mom decides that although her two children are innocently slumbering, it is a good idea for her to run the hairdryer at 730 in the morning. My brother and I are understandably pissed.

3. The whole "houskeeping" incedent.

4. My brother decides it is a good idea to be loud and watch the smurfs at a loud volume. Cause he is a special lil something.

5. My whole family decides to be little bastards. They are inexplicably loud and bothersome. They open the curtains and start talking loudly. My dad goes so far as to sing. I hate them.

All of this happens I might add while I am dreaming. Have you ever been woken up in the middle of a dream because if not I do not reccommend it. It sucks ass. I never feel like crap more than after I am awoken from a dream. Seriously. Oh well... No bigs I guess...

well, ok, i'm going now - talk to you later...

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