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2002-03-20 - 7:17 p.m.

although spring break seems to be a hiaitus for some, it is apparently a varitable feeding frenzy for adri-diary entries. so far this week ive written four... i think... its getting ridiculous. aside from that i've started a paper journal, something i haven't done since junior high. nice.

its going well so far. i've decided to make it more interesting than a regular journal which means it will be journal/scrapbook, thus incorporating 2 of my very favoite pastimes. ha ha ha. i miss diana a lot. and i miss scrapbook party. and i miss rosemary's baby. and i miss chubby bunnies. awwwwww... nostalgia - look at me.

i like how, for me, nostalgia somehow involves rosemary's baby.

oh geeze.

look at the time. we really must be going. "no really guys! i'm not crazy... i just... well... we watched rosemary's baby a lot... and the omen... we're not really crazy... what else can i say?"


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