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2002-03-20 - 1:29 p.m.


today is just that sort of day. i was once again awoken by the melodious strains of "HOUSEKEEPING" this morning. It was my fault this time seeing as how I wasn't feeling well and decided that sleeping until noon was better than going deep sea fishing. shark fodder.

besides, i had stayed up till 230 talking to shane on IM. nice. somehow i forget what time it is when i talk to him. it's very strange. but not a bad strange. hmmmmm... anyway, i was tired, so i missed out on drowning and golf. my two favorite activities.

augh. what's no good on a rainy day? portishead... jeeze... i feel like i'm gonna go sylvia plath on this motha. ha ha ha. jokes.

anyway, apparently i have agreed to go *bowling* on monday... a sport best kept far FAR away from me. mainly because i suck at bowling. really. i am no good. BUT cindy says that at the last one kris bodie (the 30 year old version of myself) ended up topless. at least there will be something to laugh at. at jen's request, i invited shane. apparently she thinks she needs to "approve" as she put it. nice.

anyhooroo (that's for you danica) ha ha ha... i suppose i will be going... there isn't much to do here at the hotel, but i'm sure i can find some kind of mnischeif to get into. or i could watch reruns.

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