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2002-03-22 - 10:30 p.m.


My day just went from bad to worse.

BAD was when my dad called the repair place and the guy said it would be around $200 to fix my car.

WORSE was when he called back 10 minutes later and said its not really worth repairing and we should just let the car die.

So... my car has committed suicide, or is in the slow process of doing so. It's not one of those gunshot suicides, its more like - i hate myself and i want to die, thus, i am going to eat 6 pounds of eggs everyday for the rest of my life, however long that may be.

Crap. This really sucks. Adri with no car = Adri with no job = Adri with still no car = Adri is going to have to find something to do quick.

It's not so bad though, I think I can survive this car for about 6 months and get a new one after that. At least I'll have some time to look.

Stupid car - and just when I was all good and ready to spend some tax return money on you.

Oh well.... I so cannot afford a new car right now. My dad suggested checking the paper, but what is all kinds of extra shady? the newspaper.

On a lighter note, I called Mikey and he is going to look for some stuff. He found my parents exactly what they were looking for, so maybe...

Sometimes I wish I were a JoCoHo. Then I wouldn't have to worry about my car. but I'd also probably be a sorostitute, so, I guess you can't have it all. Hmmm...

Funny story... Jillian called me tonight with the news that Sarah dropped a bag of pot in our room. Our RA found it and wrote Jillian up. I had left for Wichita 2 days earlier, so it was obviously not mine, and Sarah has hella scholarships here, so she is making sure she won't lose them and then she is going to confess it was hers so Jillian doesn't get fired. Jeeze - try explaining THAT to your Dad. Dad, I know you were a big stoner in college, but here's the thing. I need $100 cause I got fired cause my friend dropped her sack on my floor and I got written up for it. Damn.

Poor Jillian... honestly, when she called, she was all worried I'd be mad... I wasn't. I totally felt bad for her. But, secretly, I was worried her dad had said she couldn't move into the apartment next semester. I would have cried. :(

Well.... there's my drama for the week - we'll say a little prayer that my car makes it long enough so I can arrange for another car. They all seem to last about a year. Maybe that's all they can stand of me. I'm sorry cars. I try and love you as best I can.

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