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2002-03-29 - 1:59 p.m.

EEP! So I bought tickets for Rufus Wainwright today... Hurray! One of my top 2 concerts of all time (As of March 10, 2002) is going to happen. Too bad Belle and Sebastian will never come anywhere near here. All the other bands and stuff that I love, I've given up on long ago.

Anyway, yeah, lots to write. Jillian and I have to go in for a hearing on Monday at 1:45. I'm really nervous. I'm going to take the blame for the alcohol and she is taking full responsibility for the pot. I figure if I take the fall for the 2 shots of rum then maybe she won't get kicked out. No one has ever gotten kicked out for alcohol posession so I don't really see it as a big deal. And there was such a small amount of pot - there's no way they should kick her out. It's really unreasonable. There's no one that would move in here as far as I know, so worst case senario I would have to check her in every night. Oh well - it's truly not a big deal.

i just hope everything goes as well as it posssibly can.

hmmm.... i am going to have fun tonight. jeej and i have errands to run in KC and then Shane and I are going out. i am determined to forget all this hashinger bullshit and have a good time. :)

good job.

rufus wainwright! I'm excited!

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