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2002-04-04 - 1:55 p.m.

jesus. could this week BE worse?

not only am i the human shoulder to cry on i have to deal with jeej and the fact that she has to be out of the dorms on sunday. in his IMMENSE sensitivity, jeremy says, "hey... at least now you have your own room..." nice, asshole.

i feel like shit.

all this crap with jillian is so terrible. i have NO idea what to say to her. i feel so bad about everything, and now i'm on limited probation because i took the blame for the alcohol. for no reason, cause she got kicked out anyway. this is total bullshit. she can't even set foot in the dorms. ever again. not even to come in and say hi. not even that.

besides that, peter is moving and i don't want him to and jeremy is being a totally clingy shithead, trying to make me feel guilty for god knows what. and i'm feeling sorry for myself for NO reason because everyone's life is so much worse than mine...

it just makes me feel so bad because i feel like all this is happening to me too because its happening to my friends... i just wish it could go back to the wya it was sometimes and everyone is happy and real life doesn't factor in.

hi. im generic teenage poetry poersonified. jesus. yuck. this is mortifying.

i did have a really good day on tuesday. so that helps, but still...

PLUS - I was 5 minutes late to work yesterday and Marty, being the IMMENSE asshole that he is wrote me up and didn't cut me. I told him that i got in my car and there was no gas in it, which was the truth, and he was just like "5:00, adri, 5:00..." well fuck him and his 5:00. so, um, there...

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