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2002-04-12 - 3:19 p.m.

I decided things today. Here they are:

1. I don't write enough. Having my book stolen put me on writers block for too long. I decided I am feeling sorry for myself, so I am starting a new one on Sunday. It had better rain so I am stuck inside.

2. I don't do enough schoolwork. So I am going to work on that, too.

3. I am going to get a headstart on Japanese this summer. Or else I'll die next year. I can totally see a nervous breakdown waiting to happen.. so I am thinking ahead. Which is a quality I do not posess.

4. Sunday is also cleaning day. Jillian is moving out on Saturday, so this place is going to be freaking s*p*o*t*l*e*s*s.

5. I am going to stop smoking *completely* - none of this "i'm down to x-amount per day" crap.

6. I am going to scrapbook again. I did some today and realized I had forgotten the therapy that it has.

7. Read more. Damnit. Read.

8. Stop listening to the same 4 songs over and over. It's only contributing to the insanity. Cut it out.

9. Throw away stuff I don't need.

10. Pay my bills. All of them. Spend money on nothing else. And I mean it.

the end.

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