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2002-04-26 - 6:49 p.m.

Ok. as many things as i feel i should write in here and don't, ive decided to add an entry.

so yeah, my server hasn't let me on the diaryland site for quite a while now. things are finally calming down a bit adri-wise. not so much clutter lying around in the ol' circus. good job.

anyway, i'm super tired today and i have no idea why. ive slept for over 20 hours collectively in the last 2 days. trying to catch up even though i know its physically impossible to do so.

so instead of thinking about being tired, ive been listening to a lot of frente, which isnt really helping my situation.


yahoo for school. yahoo for me. im so tired. im sorry. i felt like i really needed to write in here and now that it comes down to it i realize i realla have nothing to say. sorry.

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