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2002-07-28 - 12:46 a.m.

Seriously, though.....

I have to get out of Wichita. Soon. Now. A week is too long to wait. So Jeej and I move into out *first*real*shiny*apartment* on Aug. 7. I'm thrilled. We talked on the phone for a good 2 hours today refining details and fixing glitches. So yeah, things are pretty much set up and I have (the majority of) my financial affairs in order.

HOWEVER (dramatic sigh or emphasis):

My father is being a *complete* ass about moving. My Mom is going to be in California for Aunt Betty's 50th wedding anniversary and so she can't be there. So Jeremy is coming instead to help. Dad freaked out today and told me that, not only does he not want to help me load the moving van at all, he also has no interest in helping me drive it to Lawrence/ move in. Nice, dad, reeeeeally nice. I've moved about 3 times in the last 3 years and sofar it's never been a problem. However, my dad is secretly 5 years old and is, I'm sure, skirting some other issue that he is currently pissy about.

Oh well....

At least at this point he is still driving the truck. I just don't understand. He acts like I am putting him out by asking him to help me one day out of the 365 this year. My goodness. If he thinks he's too old to handle this stuff, maybe he should have had children before the sage of 36.


Argh.... moving is waaay too stressful for me. I need a student loan. A hefty one to add on to the $3500 I already owe one Miss Sallie Mae who I'm sure is nothing like the pigtail-clad bumpkin her name portrays her to be.

In any case,

I AM ready to be back at school. Or Lawrence, or anywhere but boring ass Wichita Kansas, the arm-freaking-pit of the western United States, or the whole thing for that matter.


It's about one million hours past my bedtime currently. So, I'm off. Hopefully I'll be able to write in here again before I get back.

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