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2002-09-16 - 11:00 a.m.

holy jeebus.

it's been a long time, diary. yep. a looooong long time. good job.

guess what i'm doing tonight - hee hee - oh yes. all the hair - it's comin' off. and it's goin pink. yep. pink. my mom is going to wet her pants. at least i can tell her about it over the phone before she actually sees it since i'm not going home until october. excellent.

so yeah. meredith, jillian and i are having a dying party tonight. i SHOULD be studying japanese, but i think we all know how that goes.

anyway.... jilli and i somked last night. she is SO not supposed to, but it was great. it reminded me of why we are friends in the first place. i was getting upset because she is never home and i thought she was mad at me, or at least avoiding me. she wasn't. so that's good and i can end my self-loathing trip i've had going on for the last week or so.

yeah. i like to give myself complexes. i had myself convinced that no one liked me, or at least they only liked me when we were smoking. this was mainly because it was a really busy week for everyone and i hadn't started working again yet, so i was left all alone at home watching comedy central and moping. but peter put it all in perspective, so now it's ok. i'm just a freak who psycho analyzes shit too much instead of a bored loser with no friends.

hee hee.

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