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2002-09-30 - 12:43 p.m.


been taking vitamins lately. doesn't really make me feel better.

went to wichita this weekend. it as pretty fun. jillian was there, too, and on sunday we, along with diana, amy and amanda went to lunch. at old chicago. it was way loud. and the gillinwaters were there and im pretty sure they saw me with purple hair. hee hee. anywy, they saw diana and stared at her with no comment. i laughed.

so yeah. amy told us that amanda thomas aka "hey no doubt girl" is in the october playboy which was later confirmed thanks to bob's subscription. it was reeeeeeeeeally funny. and we all had a good laugh. amy also confirmed that she does not (and hasn't for years) had a crush on naythen. and she also thinks he is a complete closet case. which was really funny to me.

ha haaaaaaaaaa... let's hope this week goes better than last week. cause i am seriously ready to flip out. this year is super stressful and i think i am going to have to find yet ANOTHER job. i can't go back to outback, so i think i might apply at herford house since mary and sarah work there. it'd be funsies.

k, well, i gotta go to class. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. later.

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