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2002-11-13 - 11:55 a.m.

ok here's a **treat**

2, yes, T-W-O entries in ONE day. imagine that, if you will. this one is a bonus cause i was stoned in film class on monday (i THOUGHT we were going to be watching a movie, those clever bastards.) and i wrote this.... i thought it was pretty insightful at the time. i was high. it's funny. enjoy.

"It's always strange to watch people in class. You learn things about hundreds of others who share at least ONE interest or requirement with you without ever even speaking to them. There's the boy that reminds you so much of your 'ex' it makes you want to get a restraining order, the goth girl who is behind you and you are pretty sure is reading this because she is creey, the film noir dork who laughs so loudly in class you want to throw your shoe at him, and the ex-starter jacket-kids in fron of you who declare 'this shit' to be 'lame' every five goddamn minutes. And there you all are, stuck in a lecture hall for two hours watching french new wave or screwball comedy together. The stereotypes and me."

Welcome to Theater and Film 283.

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