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2002-11-15 - 11:29 a.m.

the story of crushing turf.

as told by adri

so yeah, one day drew was high and he couln't remember the phrase "stomping grounds" as reference to a point of origin. so he went with crushing turf. and he expected us to know what he was referring to...

"you know guys, it's my homeland... my crushing turf..." as though we were also natives of his inarticulate and short term memory loss world.

aww drew...

so here's another drew story because he is diana's little brother and he is funny.

mission necessary

as told by adri

so another time when we were all high (ummm... yes.... we do other things too, it's just that nothing funny ever happens...)

we were in diana's car in her driveway and we realized that the porch light was on and we were readily visible. so someone had to go turn the light off. since drew was in shotgun, he got nominated. so it's his turn and he knows we'll skip him if he goes inside. so he decides to take a hit and hold it while he runs inside.

"that' s going to be mission impossible," said diana.

"no. it's going to be mission necessary."

and he takes his hit.

so he runs in the house and turns off the light which ends up being the wrong one and has to run back inside and switch the lights back. diana and i are laughing hysterically when drew re-enters the car.

"so how was mission necessary?" diana asked as drew exhaled an enormous cloud of smoke. more laughter... we thought he had let it out long ago.

this is why drew is the dragon master and lord of the mission necessary.

the end.

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