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2002-11-27 - 11:29 a.m.

snerf. so i'm in wichita for thanksgiving and sofar it's been a relatively normal excursion into the circus i call home. my dad moved back into the house which i guess is a good thing. garr and i were just getting used to the idea of our parents not being together and all of a sudden they mended a lot of things and baought some new furniture.

i have no idea how that signifies that everything is now ok, but apparently it does.


so anyway, yeah, i've been trying to get diana to have an online diary too. this is a really great way to keep in touch with people you can't talk to very often, but we were a little gone when i was trying to explain it to her, so she may not have gotten the whole jist of it.

i am so very very tired right now.



i get to hang out with lil'lika today, so that's exciting :) haven't seen her since august - hurrah!

jeremy stayed in topeka for thanksgiving so he is not coming home and diana is in iowa, so i'm kinda stuck for a while. hee hee..... so yeah... gonna go be a hacker for a minute...

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