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2002-12-19 - 12:39 a.m.

tra la la... ia m drunk and al liz's house. HEE HEE HEE! i know i made a promise (liz's fett smell like cheese she says. no. they're totally mine. shit) not to write when i couldnt see straight, but im breakin it. shit yo. thats whack. so me and meredith and liz are hangin out and drinkin amaretto sours. and groos beer. bee beer. milk of land and honey, me. says meredith. cause she is silly like that. like the acrebears. we know ehat there all about, sneaky bastards.


meredith is going to write now:

hey dogs, this is meredith, shiznit biznatch and schizel my nizzel cause adri done stole my sailor tobaggan of sorts. and now she has frolicked off to the land of pee and paper and buttocks. and paper tenderly stroking buttocks...and ewww. thats gross... change of subject. if llamas could fly, where would they go. ok this online diary shite rocks my world. dont tell sven that i have a big crush on him. (who is sven, you ask, why no one, I reply)and as she left the diary, she left you with these words..."if smoking if squares, then im a fucking cube." thankyou and good night (the carebear is humping on my leg, call the piggies).

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