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2002-12-20 - 12:44 p.m.

yeeeeeeeah... so.... maybe i should really stay away from the diaryland when inebriated. that would probably be for the best. anyhow, i have a job interview today at 4:00 and i picked up a crappy service the wait shift for tomorrow. i have to go in today and see if anyone needs a shift picked up. yikes. cause i have a serious rent-flow problem. jillian is going to turn in my check on the 1st so i have to make a quick $100 here in the next few days, but i think i am going to be able to work sunday night and i have a monday night shift too. so there's some cheese flow for me.

Huzzah. it's a ren-fest affair. look out. my brother went to see Lord of the Rings today with his little friend. they are supposed to call me when the movie is over but i am also suposed to be at the interview downtown at 3:50. which means i would have to leave the warren at 3:00 so hopefully their movie is over by then. tra la la.

good story, adri, tell it again. i signed up with the emode match thing today as a joke. it's like an anthropology experiment. it should be interesting.

dude. our house is shaking. i'm not kidding. it feels like there's an earthquake or something. no joke, it's crazy.

ok yeah, so i signed up for it and i have no idea what is going to come of it. i think those things are super hilarious and for desperate peopole who can't meet others the normal way. so i'm pumped to see what comes of it. hee hee. probably nothing because i was really bitchy and claimed to be a punk rocker who drank and smoked too much.

i'm billy idol!


officer tee hee.... that's me... ok here's the point where i realize i've said too much and end the diary entry abruptly.

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