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2002-12-23 - 2:52 p.m.

so i have a new band that i really like. atom and his package. but i just wish atom was cute, cause he's not.

officer tee hee.

so yeah, pretty sure wichita still sucks. AND i don't have any "uber-cool" emo stories like meredith. damnit..............

but i have been burning some purty cool cd's.

here's a fun fact. i drove garrsion to sam's house (which is jiggidy-million miles away) in the snow. that's right, the snow.

iiiiiiii'm dreaming of a whiiiiiiiiiite christmas..... which makes it haaaard to get to woooooork....

yes. i almost died 3 times today but managed (in my superior driving abilities) to not fishtail and kill. which is good.

so yeah. pretty sure i'm ready to go back to lawrence. learned today that my loving parents have not yet bought me a christmas present and the 10 or so packages that are under our..... fireplace..... are garrison's. but it's ok. it's always been this way and it always will. i am the bad child.

so yeah, you may have noticed that i said "fireplace" and not "christmas tree" or "x-mas tree" if you are of the agnostic/ aetheist pursuasion.

it's cause we don't have one.


my loving and understanding father, upon my arrival home said this to me:

adri: hey dad. how's it goin?

dad: good.

adri: uh-huh.... huh... we don't have a tree?

dad: NO. and don't make a big deal out of it either.

adri: yeah. excuse. me.

so yeah, even when i don't live here i am expected to know what is going on.

yes. officer tee hee lives at my house and i am going to punch him.

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