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2003-01-17 - 11:35 a.m.

well sheeot. i went to school today. officially, it's the second day of school. unofficially, i missed the bus yesterday so welcome back from break, adri. better late than never.

so yeah. i had a crazy dream last night. i was in a search party looking for a missing child or something. i was in a helecopter with a sort of ramshackle undercarrage made from rubbermaid tubs. and someone was asking me about bette midler and whether or not she was abused as a child. i made some comment about that being a direct path to a horrid singing career proving once again that i am even funny in my dreams. and not exclusively.

ha...aaaaaaaaaaaaa.....ha ha....


so anyway, the dream proceeds and celia and i are now in the sewer. with some boy i don't know (but i think may have been cara's boyfriend michael) who was supposed to be celia's boyfriend. we were looking at subway posters and trying to find this kid. all i really remember after that is being pissed cause the helecopter was taking a long time to come pick me up and i was not really in the mood to wander the sewer any longer.

in other news.

lorissa is marrying matt brunk. in june. or july. anyway, it's the 18th of one of those two. this is a little strange for me. my best childhood friend marrying my best childhood nemisis. hmmmmm.... it makes one think. in other OTHER news dave glotta is marrying cassie. here in a couple of weeks. so that's good times. i told them i'd come to the wedding and i really should go to wichita anyway seeing as how i am a TERRIBLE parent and left my poor defenseless fish, elliott at the hands of my mother.

her exact words upon being asked to feed him until i got back:

"well... i'll try not to kill him."

wow, mom, wow.

so anyway, i hope elliott is not too frightened of wichita. i guess being a beta is not a scary life in general, so hopefully there is nothing out of the ordinary to spook him. i also hope when i return that i don not once again, forget him on the kitchen table. i don't think i'd ever hear the end of it.

from anyone.

but in my defense, it's my dad's fault. he took me to lunch right before i left town, thus, preventing my last wichita moments from being in the house. where elliott was. on the table. in the kitchen. damnit.

oh well. meredith and becca and i went to the replay last night to see getaway driver and salt the earth. they were pretty good. i have no hearing in my left ear.

hee hee.

yeah, so also in other news, i don't know if i told you this, but i discovered some disturbing news. about M-Lo (mike's aptly dubbed new title from meredith)and Snaggles (jared's apt nickname from Liz)... they play magic. the gathering. yes. the boy i have a crush on plays a card game about wizards and jewels.

the worst part about it was he got pissed that we were making fun of his serpent despenser or whatever his lame card was. MAD!!!!!! and they haven't called any of us since then AND they wouldn't come to liz's going away party. MAD!!!!!


jesus christ.

why does this always happen to me? he's so cute! it was such a clever disguise. but the more i think about it the telltale signs were all there. i chose to ignore them and now i must pay the ultimate price. i... uh... i dunno what that means. but it doesn't mean joining in on the magic. that, my friends, is the ultimate ULTIMATE price. and one that no self respecting girl should ever have to pay.

well. i think this long ass diary entry is long ass enough, so see ya next time.

yee haw.

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