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2003-02-19 - 1:08 p.m.

what is up my main mofo main mofo main mofo, what is up my main mofo tra la la la la...

or something. so yeah, i've saved lisa's voice message so when i am in a bad mood i have a cheery song to make it not seem so bad. my phone just reminded me that it's time to save it again before it is lost in the depths of cell-phone mystery-space.

jillian and i were wondering where deleted phone messages and emails go. we finally came to the conclusion that, much like airplanes and mass-produced ice-cream, they are magic. so they must go where all magic things go. wal mart.

i went to the bottleneck last night. getaway driver sounded really terrible and i drank a pbr. pbr is also magic. but not in a good way. pbr is magic in the way that it turns warm and flat approximately 10 seconds afer opening. sounds like a lot of dates i've been on.

ha haaaa... i wish.

anyway, i felt really sick and thought i was going to die, so meredith and i left the loud and twangy emo boys to their yowling and went home.

it was nice. in other news - i am apparently a bigger spaz than previously thought. i re-took my chapter 7 japanese quiz today. i can remember the rules but not how to apply them. mmmm-hmmmm. i see. i must be retarded.

so i am going to my algebra (pronounced al-guh-bruh if you are adri trying to be funny) class today for the first time in two weeks. i am seriously going to end it all if i can't pass that class. i took the first test and knew how to do 3 count them, 3 of the 12 problems. if i can't pass algebra at the esteemed age of 21 i don't think i have much reason to live.

goodbye cruel algebraic world. i hardly knew you.

damnit. i just remembered i have a geography test today. a lab test. shit. gotta go study.

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