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2003-02-20 - 2:47 p.m.

doot doot doo doo doot....

so hurrah for internet at my house once again. i don't know how i survived first semester without it.


so i've been listening to cheesy punk ala MXPX, etc. today since i am in such a good mood about the goddamn internet. so far i have downloaded 64 porns.

not really.

but this does mean that the avid mix-cd frenzy extravaganza will soon pick up again. which is fun.

jesus, i'm boring. in other news. i got back in touch with shane. it was really bad at first, he totally reamed me for apologizing. so i was really high and pissed as fuck, so i put the email up here for lisa to read.

apparently he is now rooming with sherlock holmes who found my diary and showed him which made things bad again.

i think this proves that i am a stoned loser all the time.

as though all the other dumb shit i do doesn't.

for instance,

jillian's birthday was saturday. the day the electric bill was due. did we pay it? sho' didn't. cause we are stoned losers and forgot.

cause we're cool.

and dumb.

and stoners.

blah blah. my entries suck more every tiem i write in here. i think that's why i rarely do, although i have apparently rediscovered updating here in the alst few days. good times.

leaving before i commit any more acts of loser stonerism.

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