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2003-03-11 - 2:29 a.m.

Ok, well i wasn't going to write in here this late at night as I should have been in bed at least four hours ago. how is it that the laziest person in the whole world is surviving and hyper after 7 full hours of sleep in the last 72?

It's probably due to the fact that I finally got some long overdue and welldeserved booty-action. from the work boy. it was fantabulous.

i feel kind of guilty about the whole thing, though. i mean, it's not like i want to be in a relationship with him, serious or otherwise, and i get the feeling that if asked, he'd say the same thing, but another part of me says he really likes me.

which is kind of psychotic seeing as how he can completely ignore me a good majority of the time.

but yeah, it was long LONG overdue. i thought i was going to go insane.

in other news, not only has it been proven time and time again that i am the best girlfriend in the world, it also turns out i am the best ex-girlfriend in the world, too.

jeremy and colin's 21st birthday was sunday and being as how erin and chris left early, i was left to play mommy to the belligernat drunks. colin passed out on the bar and i literally had to tuck jeremy in and take his car keys home so i could lock the door. i didn't even go to bed last night because by the time i got him all calmed down (4 am) it wa sonly two hours before we had to take the cats to the vet. so i watched some episodes of sex and the city and gave myself a backrub.

this morning was almost surreal. i watched my first sunrise in years. it was gorgeous.

oddly enough, driving around in the car at the break of dawn reminded me of racing the sun home from peoples' houses. i never could seem to get a heads up on that particular contest.

but i will tell you this my friends, it's time for me to go to my goddamn bed. i haven't slept in 48 hours and now i am passing out.

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