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2003-03-26 - 8:15 p.m.

maugh. so much has happened since the last time i wrote in here.

1. i got my libret pierced. it hurt like a bitch, but it's healing up now so that's good.

2. i went to austin for spring break. it was really fun. emily and i spent a whole 24 hours in the car. we saw danica and hung out with her and her friends.

3. i saw eurie. he had no idea who i was just like i thought. funny side note, however, emily used to date one of his friends, so he came over and said "hi" but i was so freaked out (i was high.) i couldn't say anything to him. as it turns out, he is apparently kind of a moron, as are most dodge city boys - i should have known, so i guess it's really no big loss. it's my own fault for not asking celia why her crush on him died.

4. i went to st. louis and saw jump little children with meredith and josh. they were really good and so so nice. we got to eat dinner with them and hang out after the show. it was cool. the drive was TERRIBLE because i had only slept 3 hours the night before and i thought i was going to DIE.

5. i bought new sheets.

6. i got a new job, or a second job anyway - at corbin hall at the front desk. i'd rather be working at hashinger, but i take what i can get.

7. i went to a voodoo glowskulls concert. it was bizzare. i don't think i've had such a good drunken laughter spree in a long time.

8. i went to a hot rod circuit show. it was good. i only got to see them because i had to work that night.

9. i decided that pat can suck a nut. i called him when i got back and left 2 messages but he never called me back so i decided fuck it. i want a boyfriend not a pseudo-boyfriend.

damn. it's been a busy two weeks.

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