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2003-03-28 - 4:22 p.m.

Augh. I'm feeling very inspired today, and yet not so much either. i think maybe i should take an adderoll so i can actually get something done today. instead of just planning on it.

focus, adri, focus.

so yeah. i let emily cut my hair on wednesday. i like it. i finally look my age which is nice. but i also look like a cross between kelly osborne and bjork. it's funny.

augh. josh stayed at my house last night. he slept on the futon. i'm not sure if this whole situation is funny ha ha or funny uh oh. i can't really decide.

and i was awoken by the LOVELY cable company who apparently thinks 9:00 on a friday morning is the *perfect* time to drill holes in walls right outside my damn window.

merf. and my phone is shut off still. it's totally bizzare. i wish i had money to give them so it could be turned back on. :( it sucks not being able to call ANYONE. so i have to wait on everyone else in the world to call me.

speaking of which, emily NEVER called me yesterday. i went by on my way to hobby lobby and left a note and i almost ran into matt's car - he was backing out. would have looked like a delirious stalker which is always nice. argh. yesterday was a frustrating day.

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