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2003-03-30 - 6:59 p.m.

perp. derp. lerrp. shnerp. zurp. blurp.

me and meredith and josh and brett went to a party at mike and ian's house last night. it was ok. there were't a lot of people there, which i guess was due to the ku game earlier in the evening. but anyway, i am apparently supposed to go get mike here in an hour or so for adult swim. yikes.

blah blah blah. i am boring and stoopid.

so yeah. i've decided that i need to start going to class on a regular basis which would probably be best efficiated by me getting my lazy fat ass out of bed. HAH. like that shit's ever gonna happen.

yeah. so i write that a lot, yeah, i mean. cause once again, i'm boring. and stoopid.


merp. lurp. wherp. jerp. hurp. furp. sterp.

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