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2003-04-01 - 2:32 p.m.

merka merka merka derk.

so i am giong to have the come to jesus meeting with pat today. yup. i dunno how i am going to handle it. honestly - i have about 2 hours to come up with the most clever bitchy and sacrcastic thing i can think of.



well, there really isn't any. i started work at corbin hall today. i discovered the deskie logs. or the bull book as it is lovingly reffered to. it's basically a place for all the deskies to bitch about the annoying sorostitutes who live in the building. i think i am going to like working there. it should be pretty funny. especially the 3am to 7am shifts. i dunno - my first one is this friday and i have a feeling i won't really be able to handle it since i am going to be working almost everyday at outback until then.


i don't want to go in to work today. i hate confrontation but this one will be funny.

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