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2003-04-02 - 3:18 a.m.


so i talked to pat today. it didn't really go as planned. at all. i kinda caved because i am a big pussy and all.

yeeeeah. i let him apologize and make excuses and just kinda nodded and said brilliant things like "uh huh" and "yeah." but i did say what i needed to say and jayson assured me that he feels like a complete asshole for ignoring me and not having any balls.

as well he should.

balless freak.



so anyway, i decided that i am going to give the whole matt thing a try, virgin or not. i guess i don't really have to have sex with him, especially not right off the bat. so i guess we'll give this one a try.

jayson reassured me that he had slept with a lot of virgins. i reminded him that he is a boy and girls tend to be virgins at a later age more than boys do. but for real. what does it matter - i'm using the exact same stereotype i use to back up my women are not sluts if men are not sluts idea.

i'm kinda high and i don't think this is really making a lot of sense.



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