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2003-04-04 - 3:07 p.m.

so jillian's mad at me.

i was on the phone with the cable company because we thought they stole our splitter and then i found it.

so i hung up while i was on hold and called jesse and told him he was a stoner for not finding it.

jillian yelled at me from the next room asking me not to tell the cable company we were stoners. so i told her to mind her own business because i wasn't talking to the cable company i was talking to jesse and i thought he knew we smoked pot. you know, just a guess.

and she got all pissed off about it. she told me to fucking grow up, so i said "oh, jillian." and just let it go. and she got all mad and slammed her door.

hee hee.

it was funny because i honestly think she thinks i am dumb enough to tell the cable company stuff like that. cause i'm a retard. oh well. if she wants to be mad at me she can stew in her room and be pissed.

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