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2003-04-07 - 1:21 a.m.

yipes. so the entire matt situation is completely aborted. abandon-ship-danger-will-robinson-style, in fact.

he did some really creepy shit which i will write about later when i have a full story. eek.

i guess ku won the big game because i had to sit through 3 stoplights on mass street while a guy danced like a monkey in front of my car.

yeah. so emily decided last night that she wanted to go to last call so we went to the replay. we got kicked out shortly after. not for bulligerance(i don't really care how it's spelled)or mayhem but because it was 130am.

yeah. there were cops everywhere. jacob (who is 20) was walking down the sidewalk drinking a can of beer and a cop pointed at it and said, "pepsi! i love that stuff."

i wish lawrence cops were cool all the time.

so yeah, if we win tomorrow there are going to be extreme riots. i'm kinda pissed i have to work both jobs on tuesday, but at least i wouldn't have to go to class. :)

not like i go anyway......ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


i'm boring.

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