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2003-04-26 - 4:25 a.m.

news news news news...

item one: i enrolled in classes for next semester (fall) so i am not a dropout or a loser. here are my classes:

the pre-history of kansas. let me tell you a story dumb hostesses at my work: it's pre history. PRE. archaeology guys. not "cowboys and indians and tee pees and shit." yeah.

general psychology with the esteemed dr. holmes.

introduction to fibers. i am going to make stuff.

documentary film and video. yeah. i like it. go to hell.

so yeah, these are really easy classes i know, but i seriously need a break. so i am taking an easy semester. ha haaaaaaaaaaaa...

item two: i went and saw the house we will be living in next year. my room is freakin tiny. i feel kind of shafted paying $300 a month for something smaller than i'm paying less for now, but i am gaining a house instead of an apartment and some good roomates.

item three: for some strange reason, jillian and i are getting along really well lately. i finally feel like we are friends instead of both friends of diana's. it's kind of weird to put it that way, but it's the best way to describe it.

item four: i exchanged phone numbers with a boy. but not just any boy - justin. justin shiney. i don't really know what came over me. maybe it was the malibu rum or maybe the prodding of ALL of my friends at the party, but i did. so yeah, i feel weird because he still seems like the weird guy from high school. but he's gotten extremely hot since then. i don't even know why i didn't see it until now. seriously. i'm weird.

item five: i drank tonight. i haven't done that in a while and i don't know if maybe i was giddy or maybe my tolerance has just gotten greater, but i didn't even feel that buzzed. i did for a bit and probably succeeded in making an ass out of myself.

so yeah. we went to a party tonight and it was kinda intense. in a hilarious sort of way. there was a girl there who was way into dancing and wanted desperately to crawl between everyone's legs. and several assorted emos. one of which apparently knows me and thinks i hate him. rodney? who the hell is he? i think i may remember meeting him earlier this year at a party but i don't want this to be a katie horn situation where some guy i don't even know thinks i despise him. am i THAT much of a bitch? i didn't think so, but maybe. i did meet him at a pink house party and those tend to put me in a not so fresh mood.

aaaaaanyway, it's really late and i'm so tired so i'll write more later.

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