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2003-05-02 - 2:44 p.m.

plip plop. i'm not going to write another page about how boys are dumb. so there.

work was fun yesterday. no jeff which equals good times for everyone. i miss when dave was the boss. but anyway, it doesn't really matter because i'll be going to work for jake in july anyway. whee-hoo... getting to work for someone with a soul. sounds nice.

jillian is having one of her mood days. she keeps asking all kinds of shit about work and gets mad when i don't give her the answers she wants. not my fault, i didn't really want you to come work there because i knew this woulds happen. she just acts like i owe her something and all i wanted to do all day was sit in my room by myself and not talk to anyone. blech. now she's slamming doors because her shirt that she borrowed from me is in my car and she wants to go get it to get the wrinkles out, which won't work and she doesn't believe me so she threw a fit. right.

i don't understand. i've worked there for 4 years and she still doesn't take my word for things. whatever.

blah. i'm in a bad mood because i stayed up too late last night at mike and jeremy's. they were eating shrooms and smoking pot (i was also participating in the latter) and watching their stragely film-student-esque home movie about their dog. mike was fascinated by the ability to create feedback by pointing the camera into itself (through the television or something). i don't really know. boys are weird. they kept trying to get me to say "it's like a message from space" and then stop the camera so jeremy could throw a frisbee across the room to simulate a spaceship. yeah.

so yeah, starting to seriously doubt the liz theory about mike liking me, which is fine because i don't really think he'd make a suitable boyfriend anyway.but i did have such a HUGE crush on him for the longest time. oh well, mlegh.

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