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2003-05-17 - 5:39 p.m.

oh god. i am a bad daughter.

i accidentally took a roll of my mom's film. so i went to develop it to send it to her and i left a blank roll of film on accident. so i had to go back an hourlater and get it. so at 5:00 i get the film. i rush to dillons. they're mail went out 30 minutes ago. i haul ass to the post office - they have closed early. so yeah, i didn't get my mom her stuff mailed on time and so she is going to be pressed for time to get her books out to her class.

i feel really bad. and my car wouldn't start about 6 times today. granted this is the hottest day we've had in a while AND the car did eventually start, but it's still a bad sign, although it didn't do this all winter and it was a semi-common occurance last summer.

jeeze. at least there is a show and some parties tonight. :)

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