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2003-06-17 - 3:06 p.m.

hooray. i get to go to classroom for work tonight. classroom is where i get to learn all the crap i already know. but it's all good.

seriously though, if i don't get 100% on these tests i am going to look like a big retard. a big big retard.

so yeah. i keep procrastinating writing an entry in here because i really have nothing interesting to say - however, i played in the chi omega fountain last night for the first time. i've been to it but not gotten in several times, but meredith is a persistent drunk ;) and tackled me. so i swam in the fountain and i am sure inflicted about 3,000 stds on myself by doing so. hurrah for sorostitute fountains.

so i'm watching a show about wolly mammoths. it's pretty interesting. i've decided that i want to go to work for the national geographic channel. it's my idiot dream. you know, "i want to be a singer. just like debbie gibson!" uh-huh. so there. i'm not reaching for the stars of fame, just the stars i guess.

blah blah blah... i really don't want to drive all the way to kansas city today to learn stuff i already know. but i guess i'm getting paid and shala will be there and i can go out and drink afterwards with everyone. it should be fun. tee-hee. :)

so yeah, good times.

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