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2003-07-20 - 2:07 a.m.

maugh. i just got back from lorissa and matt's wedding. it was really really really really reeeeeally reeeeeeeeally really uncomfortable. to say the least. and i got home to a house full of drunk roomates and such, so that was nice. and i went to the replay (erph) to see eric spin, but i couldn't find him which was weird. and i went to see amanda who was not home which was also weird. so i retreated to my room to sulk and write in here. blah. it's been a bad weekend. and muy stressfuloso. that's my spanglish. you love it.

pleh. so i'm still dilluding myself into thinking i am ready to move in 2 weeks. hah. i have about 20% of my massive amounts of shit packed so i must say i'm doing better than some.

i've been listening to some crazy ass music lately. i discovered the postal service which is like aphex twin if they were pussies. hee hee. emo-industrial-techno. it's fun times.


i think i may go to bed soon.... or at least watch dexter's lab and slip into oblivion.

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