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2003-09-11 - 12:45 a.m.

click plip plop ploop drip.

so yeah, apparently i have dissapeared of the face of the planet.

i started a new job at outback - bartender. whoo. good stuff. i'm super tired right now. john and mike and i went out after work.

i wish coffee really sobered you up.

i stayed over at preston's last night. not "stayed" over but i slept on the couch. it was kind of weird. he kept coming out of his room to get water and he would walk over to the couch. i dunno. i still have his borrowed pyjamas. he still has my beer. so we are even as i see it.

leslie and jeff are on the couch and i think jeff would really like me to leave the room.


i am going to do so.

proceed making out.

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