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2003-12-06 - 1:39 a.m.

pleh. weekend was crazy to say the very least. halloween party was ok. i got to the point around 1 am where i'd had enough and wanted people out. slept with a booy named texas - not smart. when will i learn not to do that? megh. went to belle and sebastian tonight with amanda and her friend morgan. there was a big guy with an even bigger coat sitting in front of us who fouond it necessary to stand every 10 minutes. amanda and i nicknamed him "the moose." another person who amanda affectionately reffered to as a "cockfarmer" also found it necessary to stand up and yell periodically during the show.

saw rick and david lord and colin. rick and david paid no attention to me but colin said hi. he was with his irish girlfriend who was nice.

all in all it was a good show. the lights were excellent. they looked like candy canes.

so yes, not much else going on lately. classes are slow and drag on too long. i'm a manager at work now. i am starting a new job making clothes for a store opening on mass street soon. wheeeeeeee - fun adri updates are always good.

more pseudo-exciting shit later.

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