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2004-02-03 - 12:48 p.m.

blah bla blab blaaaaaaaaaah.

yeah. i suck. i don't write in here anymore because i am a bad diary person. however, i would like to announce the tryumphant return of adri the author. (insert comidic yet disheartening trumpet fart noise here) you will please note that i am still neither a strong speller nor typist. but i got a raging case of hemmhroids. yeah. not really. but i'm hoping by next march i'll have a good crop going. ew. yuck, well i have to go to work soon, but my tryumphant return will most likely occur once i have internet up and runing again. my lack of blog girth lately has been due to my loss of internet accessibility. but in the melefluous words of one dave chapelle - guess what bitches - i'm back!

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