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2004-02-16 - 4:42 p.m.

eeeeeeh lookad meeeeeee. tyin to be an internet guru an shit.

so yeah, i tried to fix my template and only succeeded in screwing shit up more. cause im smart like that.


i have officially returned to bask in the aqua halo glow of the internet. thanks ethernet cable - you are blue and special.

so yeah. it's been pretty boring recently. i don't really have a whole lot to put in here. heh. good times. memories. blah. i hung out with mike and mere last night. we went to the pool room. shockedy mcshock.

yeah. i still like him. it's awful. AWFUL. A-W-F-U-L. i am not allowed to do this.

give up. give up. give up.

i called curt at work today to whine at him about how i hate working for scott. he was not as sympathetic as i would have hoped. i pretended to be emily on the answering machine so he'd answer the phone, which he did. he also told me that he did not appreciate my ruse and i told him he was a sucker and i was a tricky bitch. he agreed.

poo. i hate the presto.


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