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2004-08-21 - 11:46 p.m.

so yeah. that was a joke, but this one isn't. quite seriously i've had the craziest summer ever. no husbands or children (yet.... jokes again....) or drastic cross-country moves. only two blocks away from my old house and lovin it. jillian and i are roomates again and this time i think it's going to be a lot better. her trip overseas and my stay in hell have opened both our eyes to the benifits over hassles of having a roomate you know and love.

and i got both a cat and a boyfriend, both confirming and denying my status as the eternal cat lady. (i will have 12 and they shall be my children. and we will share food. because friskies is not only good for you, it tastes exactly like it smells... delicious.)

so yeah. i'm back to the online way of life, diary in tow. i'm glad to be back. i hope you are glad too. let's have a party, you bring the cake, and i will eat it.

so yes. i got fired from outback. i know this may come as a shock seeing as how i was the corporate dancing monkey for so long, but yes, ladies and gentelman, i have seen the light. now i work two jobs: goodwill and hereford house. yeah, i know, hereford house isn't really a big leap, but in a lot of ways it is. there are rules and stuff. and ties. better than the ugly safari shirt. and i can wear what i please to goodwill so it evens out.

and i have a boy. and he is wonderful. his name is andy. you can read a story about him in the lawrence paper if you want. here's the link:

tee hee. he's great but the pictures on the website are not the best. anyway. HAH.

i want chicken, i want liver, meow mix meow mix please deliver...

i realy just want celia to hurry up and call me so we can go drink a beer. i got off work almost an hour ago. and i'm a raging alcoholic, dammnit. where is my beer?

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