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2004-08-31 - 12:14 a.m.

oh my darlin oh my darlin oh my daaaaaarlin clementine...

you are lost and gone forever, oh my darlin clementine...

yes, well anyway, i have had a really interesing series of days. and i've been writing a lot lately. it's been a very comforting state of mind to return to. i decided that i lost a part of myself with the whole outback experience and am just now returning to the world of being a good and timeworthy person.

so that's a nice feeling. and jillian and i are getting along so well this time around. i think we have both grown up a lot and our personalities have changed for the better.

so yeah, life is still stressful in it's own annoying little ways, but there are more good elements now to balance those things more adequately.


life is good and i am tired.

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