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2002-11-13 - 11:43 a.m.

tra la la...... so i got an IM from Lisa a minute ago proclaiming the aquisition of a highly superior and mysterious birthday gift. i have no idea what this could mean. but i'm pretty pumped, i mean, who doesn't like presents? hell yes.

ok yeah. so this semester is almost over and i'm pretty sure i haven't goten used to being back in lawrence yet. this is sad. i've been home to wichita more times this semester than i think in both of the last 2 years (excluding long breaks).

could this have something to do with the mystery and phenomena that is my parent's divorce? wha?

pretty sure i'm 21. pretty sure my brother is 14. could this have not occured at a more scarring age so we had an excuse to be freaked out? they've been married for 33 years, for chrissakes.

hello. my name is margo tenenbaum. it's lovely to meet you. did i mention that i'm adopted and my father lives in a FREAKING HOTEL? yes. there are more similarities, but yeah, we'll end it there for sanity's sake.

ok... doot doot...



so i went home this past weekend, which of course, any trip to wichita is like being in an alternate universe, but this one was exceptional. besides the fact that i was pretty much stoned the entire trip my mom cried in front of me twice and my dad asked to send me a letter describing his search for his true personality.

i'm sorry, dad. aren't you 57 years old? you try to rewind DVD's for chrissakes. if you haven't figured it out by now, it ain't comin.

so there.

my mom is bi-polar, i have decided. that could be the only explanation for this. and oh jesus. she loves that man. jesus, i mean.

every conversation i've had with her lately is about how she feels she isn't setting a good example for me and how she wishes i would "give my life to god" and go to church.

mom. wow. if you only knew.

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