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2002-11-15 - 12:31 p.m.

blah. yesterday was one of the WEIRDEST days ever. i have no idea what was so strange about it, but it was. and i have witnesses and others who will back up my claim that yesterday was strange, they can't explain it either. i sound like such a conspirasist. but it was a strange one. literally, as though something happened yesterday that no one was aware of at the time, but soon will be.

that's enough of that... but it IS true and i'm not being a weirdo.


AUGH. so i'm freaking out about japanese. i am doing terrible in that class. and the worst part is its my fault. i NEVER (zen zen in japanese) study my lessons outside of class and i rarely (amadi) do my homework (benkiyoku). adimasen.

translation: i am fucked.

ha haaaaaa..... yahoo for school... yahoo for me!

not so much.

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